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Esa Cave is beside a mountain that is about 10,000 feet above sea level.
The original owners of the cave are the Ijoro family of 'Okesale' area of Iyin Ekiti. The Cave was manned by their forefathers who discovered that the Cave exists there and they lived there for many centuries.

The cave is located at Iyin Ekiti in Ararromi Local Council Government Area of Ekiti State This is about 3 kilometers away from Ado-Ekiti, the state capital.

The Cave still maintains its natural look while evidence of long use still exists. It has demarcated rooms separated by low-height walls made from mud bricks which had become strong and difficult to pull down. Also, small boulders used as ‘pillows’ by old occupants still remain in the Cave.

The cave has an age-long history of having been the safe harbor for the Iyin and Ado-Ekiti warriors during the inter-township fight with the Ikere-Ekiti people of Ekiti state.

The warriors and the people would run to the cave for safety till the land is restored back to normalcy. In the long run, many of the people decided to stay back and live in the cave instead of running about anytime there is a war.

Gradually a lot of Iyin Ekiti people abandoned their main town and started living in the cave till about the 1930s when few of them begin to return back to their town.

'Esa Cave' in Iyin-Ekiti is one of those viable sites. It can accommodate 3,000 people apart from other sites within its vicinity that can be a good resort.

Esa Cave is the third most viable resort after Ikogosi and Arinta Waterfall in Ekiti. It has the strength to boost the local economy through revenue generation and job creation.

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